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Bolsonaro asks team to ready transfer of power to Lula, without conceding defeat

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Dr Boondhi’s Bol on the Brazilian Presidential Elections.

The defeated far-Right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has publicly authorized transition to the team of his rival and victor Leftist Lula da Silva.

Bolsanaro, who began his political career in 1998 with a victory in the Rio de Janerio City Council elections has yet to concede defeat.

He has just asked those protesting his loss in this Presidential election not to damage public property or to stop the flow of traffic.

Hope peace comes soon to this former Portuguese Colony, blessed by the Amazonian forests. These natural eco-sysyems brutalized by ‘corporatized’ afforestation in the last few years may also heave a sigh of relief and say in French ‘Vive La Lula’


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On Courlos To Tennis Greatness? Wishing Carlos Alcaraz the very best


Dr Boondhi’s Bol on the youngest world No 1 in Tennis history.

In the last few decades, it has been a difficult time for tennis playing men (young or experienced) in their efforts to win Grand Slams. The top three with more than 60 Gland Slam wins between them have frustrated challengers.

A formidable role model

It is always heartening therefore to see the emergence of new players who by challenging history, may themselves change it in due course. Carlos Alcaraz may or may not live up to the greatness of his foremost role model Rafael Nadal. Time will tell.

A retiring Prima Donna, a new Prince

Meanwhile Dr Boondhi is thankful for a new flower blooming in Tennis, even as a Prima Donna bade farewell a few days ago. A tearful adieu to the fans she Serenaded for more than a decade.

The next lot of the Titans?

Best Wishes to the new Prince Carlos of tennis from Spain. Whether he becomes King and reigns for long, will be interesting to watch. He may be the next sensation after the current big Three hang their racquets.


The VioorA View

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Calendar Maybe For A Year, The Magic of Motherhood Enchants Us Forever


A calendar for the new 2021 is useful. As a magnetic sticker for the fridge, it is all the more convenient. The Calendar may be useful for a year, but what if the message on it is timeless? We have a range of VioorA Freedge (Be Cool, Keep Ideas Warm) messages to inspire/ motivate/ provoke your thoughts. 


Motherhood is Magical. Whether as a Magic Candle or as a Magic Cradle. Imagine this message on your fridge. The Calendar is for a year, but the Magic of Motherhood enchants us for ever.

Available in Two Sizes –  Popular (6 inches x 6 inches) and Premium (9 inches x 9 inches) and Two Background Colours  (Silver Grey and Pink+Yellow)

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If Your Messages Matter, Make Messages Memorable.

Have you ever wondered ? Why some brands seem to have better share of mind, which over a period of time translates to better share of the Customer’s wallet. We associate good vibes very directly with these brands as ‘bringers’ of positivity or as even as ‘removers’ of negativity. The Indian Premier League, the Indian T20 Cricket ‘Festival’ is a nice example of the former. The Life Insurance Corporation of India, the LIC helps by reducing the (monetary pain) of a dear one’s loss. Hence it too enjoys good brand equity.

We are, as individuals a bundle of ideas, thoughts, feelings etc. Personally or professionally, we also engage with businesses as persons or as brands. We prefer engaging with those brands or personalities that better appeal to our sensibilities. We love talking about those entities whose actions and communications (action is a great communication tool in itself) are behaviours we love and applaud.

One Life To Live – 100% Cotton T- Shirt – White Colour . T-Shirts For Both Men & Women with Size Options. Click To Choose.

VioorA DressQuote – Walk The Thought

At VioorA, we believe that what we essentially communicate are… our thoughts, feelings, values, hopes, ideas, emotions etc. Hence Brands that Make their Messages Memorable have a much better chance of getting good share of their customers’ minds. If you are a ‘Evolved Consumer’, as many coffee-drinkers surely are, you may wish to use more natural products. Especially in food, you may wish to avoid items/ brands that use Additives/ Preservatives/ Stabilizers to increase the shelf-life of their products.

The chemicals as above will have their say in due course, however safe the product marketers/ consumers wish them to be. Hence many consumers may prefer a brand like Kaaveri Coffee that promises 100% natural processing/ brewing of their coffee products. Kaaveri can thus easily differentiate itself from competition based on this 100% natural USP.

A brand may be many things to a Consumer/ Customer. But one or a few things may be top of mind for their Consumers. For Kaaveri Coffee, it could be being 100% natural, with no additives/ preservatives/ stabilizers. Kaaveri’s USP maybe NO ASP. For many hundreds of Indians who would not or could not have flown their entire lives, Air Deccan would be the brand that literally gave wings to them, by exhorting them to SimplyFly.

What Is Your Message? The message (about yourself) that you wish to communicate to your circle of family/ friends/ associates etc. If you own a brand, what is the message you wish to communicate about it? We would be happy to note your thoughts …..

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Thanksgiving : KARVY-ng the Customer – the new Turkey?


Today, the Fourth Thursday of November, will be celebrated in the world’s largest economy, the U.S.A., as Thanksgiving Day. One of the key traditions is Carving of the Turkey and dinner with family. Back home in India, among the fastest growing large economies, KARVY-ng of a different kind has been reported by SEBI.

Unfortunately, one of the leading Stock Brokerage and Security firms is suspected to have raised money by pledging Customers’ stocks placed in their custody. This, by misusing the Power of Attorney the clients would have shared with the firm for other purposes.

Customer, the New Turkey

This development comes close on the heels a recent discovery of gaps in Security of Customer Data…… Of customers being taken for a ride or rather, their data going places, without their knowledge or approval. Technology Service Providers and Marketers getting enriched while rendering the Customer Privacy values poorer. KARVY seems to have taken Customer Care to more s(ub)lime levels. Customer Car(v)e may be the new function. Why Celebrate or Thank customers. More profitable, may be to leverage Customers and tank them.


Those not familiar with SEBI and those open minded enough to believe that intelligent life could exist beyond earth may think of SETI . Speaking of intelligence, one is surprised how the banks allowed the said Customer stocks to be pledged with them. Maybe the MoF, GoI could engage some SETI – like search. The Search for Economic Transgressors in India may well be a worthwhile pursuit, even if the search for intelligence or Corporate Governance in our financial institutions may disappoint.

Strengthen Whistle Blower Policies (as needed) and Communicate the same

Human minds and endeavours being what they are, no amount of Law may completely eliminate wrong doing. One way to minimise this is to make it mandatory for each establishment to prominently display whistle blower policy/ process/ rights to all employees and stakeholders.

Do you feel it is easy to be a whistle blower? What more should the government or society do to ensure whistle blowers are not left high and dry, just because they answer to the Call of their Conscience?,_2011