Kar nautanki – VioorA newsCues’ take on the Karnataka Elections -12th May 2018

VioorA newsCues‘  Take on the Karnataka State Assembly Elections today. 


VioorA newsCues’ take on the Karnataka State Assembly Elections today.

News is the single biggest commodity of modern civil society. It influences our thoughts/ behaviour to a large extent.

For the overwhelming majority, News is a way of Life. Studying it / sharing/ discussing/ laughing / smiling with News items is a big Positive aspect, which outweighs the negative tidings that News sometimes unfortunately brings.

What if we could identify some elements of news that could be represented in a mature/ funny/ witty / thoughtful manner. If we could touch a chord with our take on news without hurting any sentiments…….what if these  thoughtful/ tasteful/ tongue-in-cheek views become viral ………. brands riding on these nuggets would benefit.     Why miss out?

Presenting the cost-effective positive publicity initiative…..


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