Month: October 2018

  • The Evolving Human, The Evolving Organization – Beyond Emotional Intelligence


    The Evolving Human, The Evolving Organisation – Beyond Emotional Intelligence Intelligence Quotient (IQ) giving way to Emotional Intelligence Intelligence Quotient is universally recognised as a definitive indicator of a person’s intellectual abilities. But it is also accepted that the IQ tests administered need to be neutral enough with respect to context/ culture/ language. Else they […]

  • Communication – A Vital Basic Need

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    Need – A primary/ primordial requirement In primary school, decades ago, we learnt that Air, Water and Food are vital for life. Shelter/ Clothing and Reproduction/ Procreation are also accepted as important needs. Need and Want may seem similar, but there is a difference. Need is more primary, Want, largely secondary. Nature creates Needs. Our […]

  • VioorA wowNow – The Present: the Best time to Gift


    Gifting in Corporate India The festive season is well underway in India with the blockbuster Diwali just a few weeks away. The time for significant gifting among Corporates has also started, which will spill over into the new Calendar year. Of course in Corporates, gifting (in the broader sense) is not restricted to festivals. There […]

  • Work As Art


    Work is Worship We are used to the idiom ‘Work is Worship’. But unless one is a very fervidly religious kind of person, even the imagery of worship may not really enthuse. Yes, Worship is a good example to instil a sense of duty/ discipline. It also held true for centuries and maybe continued till […]