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Haar Ya Na…. Jeet Tho ‘Maha’ Rashtra Bharat Ka! Democracy Dances on its Largest Stage!

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The World’s Largest Democracy

Amidst the festivals/ rituals that India celebrates due to its ancient culture, are some processes/ systems. Those processes that it has cultivated as the torch-bearer of Democracy amongst the Emerging Economies/ Third World Nations etc. More than 150 Nations broke free of colonial rule in the 20th Century. (More than 60 of them from Great Britain alone). As a Nation we need to be proud of this.

Culture/ Traditions/ Processes/ Systems

Speaking of India’s democratic processes/ systems, one cannot help but wonder…….. Many individuals or groups are known on account of the culture/ values that they practice or some ‘mojo‘ they possess. For eg. Indians are warm/ hospitable and of course very democratic – we believe in free speech and can keep talking for the rest of the world too πŸ™‚ ; Americans are seen as good marketers (left to them, they may even have branded and franchised the air we breathe πŸ™‚ ), Germans excel at engineering, Africans are gifted athletes etc

If Countries and Communities can be positioned in stakeholders’ minds with some specific traits or behavioural patterns, why not our Brands or our Organizations? The larger Enterprises surely understand and benefit from this realization. However, a lot of mid-segment Enterprises and SMEs still do not leverage the power of Brand Creation, Positioning and Communication. Both with their Customers and their Employees.

We Communicate by what we do. Also by what we don’t.

We are seen by what we do. Our actions surely become the yardstick we are measured by. What is not very obvious is that we can also be judged by what we don’t do.

Being observed doing the right things increases our Brand Value. Avoiding incorrect/ unethical behaviour does not provide immediate benefits. But it is an insurance from getting caught doing the wrong things. Tiger Woods’ reputation and his Brand Value plunged after his indiscretions became public knowledge.

What are we communicating with the S.P.I.C.E. of our lives?

It is quite possible that some of us may not have paid much attention to our Communications. If not with our Government Stakeholders or the General Public, at least our Customers and Employees should be on our minds. And more importantly, we should be in theirs. Regular thoughtful Communication with Customers and Employees will enable them to appreciate our Brand. It is never a bad time to take a look/ re-look at our Communications Strategy. We are what we Communicate. The Gurus may also state…We Are, if, We Communicate!

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