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The President Rules! The Sena rues??


The Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari had earlier invited the BJP, the Shiv Sena
and the NCP in turns to form the next Government in Maharashtra. But BJP declined the offer. 
Neither the Sena nor the NCP were able to provide the confirmation (number of legislators) needed in the time granted. 
The Governor had no option but to declare President’s Rule in Maharashtra.

There is speculation meanwhile that the BJP and the NCP may be looking at a possible joint 
government. If so, the Sena can only regret its greed in asking BJP for more pieces of the pie

Controlling (Moderating) and flavouring our Communications to the occasion/ target audience often helps us in unseen ways. Had the Sena not been very strong/ adamant in its posturing/ Communications with the BJP, this situation may never have risen. Also it could have more easily managed to bounce back to the BJP. It is one thing to be firm about Communicating policies strongly. But when it comes to partnerships, being open/ accommodating helps us in the long run even when we need not be!

We would love to know What You Think….. about how the key players could have played their cards and how it will eventually pan out ?

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