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Calendar Maybe For A Year, The Magic of Motherhood Enchants Us Forever


A calendar for the new 2021 is useful. As a magnetic sticker for the fridge, it is all the more convenient. The Calendar may be useful for a year, but what if the message on it is timeless? We have a range of VioorA Freedge (Be Cool, Keep Ideas Warm) messages to inspire/ motivate/ provoke your thoughts. 


Motherhood is Magical. Whether as a Magic Candle or as a Magic Cradle. Imagine this message on your fridge. The Calendar is for a year, but the Magic of Motherhood enchants us for ever.

Available in Two Sizes –  Popular (6 inches x 6 inches) and Premium (9 inches x 9 inches) and Two Background Colours  (Silver Grey and Pink+Yellow)

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