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Bolsonaro asks team to ready transfer of power to Lula, without conceding defeat

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Dr Boondhi’s Bol on the Brazilian Presidential Elections.

The defeated far-Right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has publicly authorized transition to the team of his rival and victor Leftist Lula da Silva.

Bolsanaro, who began his political career in 1998 with a victory in the Rio de Janerio City Council elections has yet to concede defeat.

He has just asked those protesting his loss in this Presidential election not to damage public property or to stop the flow of traffic.

Hope peace comes soon to this former Portuguese Colony, blessed by the Amazonian forests. These natural eco-sysyems brutalized by ‘corporatized’ afforestation in the last few years may also heave a sigh of relief and say in French ‘Vive La Lula’


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