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Many times I have run across a car that has all the right ingredients of roll center design-a good balance of front and rear suspension design, and proper weight distribution. Alignment Services Offered: 2. This measurement can also be done with a string by using a square to come down to the floor, then measuring over to the frame or centerline of the chassis to align the string with the framerail. At the hub height, if you line up the tire sidewalls, the RF tire contact patch will be outside that line due to the negative camber present in the RF wheel. Circle Track Car Setup Guide. However, toe-in also has some disadvantages. The analog method would have you use toe plates with degrees marked on them. You can use toe plates to do this. We used 14 feet as a convenient distance that would clear the rear of the car, while not extending too far to the front if the space were limited in the garage. Now, check the toe at the rearend. In Circle Track, we stress the importance of moment center design and having a balanced setup to give the car what it wants. Lightweight cars: toe-in is generally more useful for quick steering boxes. Where chassis in the other classes are purpose built, the bomber stock chassis is generally a twenty to thirty year old street car using twenty or thirty year old technology. Be careful how each person holds the plates. Front-wheel drive gets a bad rap with car enthusiasts. Once you're convinced your car is aligned, you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your chassis setup. As you adjust the rearend side to side, there is a possibility that the alignment will change as the rearend moves laterally. Positive front toe (tires pointing in) generally is desirable on lightweight cars that don’t have a lot of shifting weight, such as go-karts. Compare Related Articles. For example, on turn entry, if the rearend is pointed to the right of the chassis centerline, no amount of setup tuning will prevent the car from being loose. Racing tires are designed to stretch to meet the demands of their design. The difference in distance will reveal the amount of toe present in the front wheels. Free Shipping (13389) On Sale (58) ... Wheel Alignment Tool, Two-Wheel System with Toe Plates, Camber and Toe Measurement, Caster Measurement, Built-In Tape Measures, Aluminum, Kit. Long, sweeping tracks: toe-out is generally better. You’ve heard about torque steer and “wrong-wheel drive” and might write it off as being for grocery-getters, not real performance cars. Oval track racing. This must be done each and every time we use the tool to check alignment. Multiply the toe-per-inch by the tire diameter and you have the amount of toe in the front end. ... Track Alignment on N Scale Layouts. Rotate the RR laser so that its point shines next to the front laser point on the floor. - Remember that changes in stagger, tire pressures and springs will change the ride height and alter the cross-weight percentage. Front to Rear Tracking - The tire contact patches must track straight ahead from front to rear. The best way is to use a laser alignment system to measure how much each front wheel turns and compare the two. The general trend in all of circle track racing has been to make changes to our setups and car construction to make better use of the four tires, especially the left front tire. The TA Truck Service network is your alignment expert. If these widths are not the same, the rearend is toed and must be straightened before continuing. the compromise is that TOE –IN will produce an increase in scrub. Simply put, there are three different ways, or dimensions, to rotate in the world: (1) front to back, (2) side to side and (3) up and down. This means the rearend is perpendicular to the framerail and hopefully the intended centerline of the chassis and the installed body. Then, multiply this number by the diameter of the tire (tire circumference divided by Pi or 3.1416). Your information will be collected and used in accordance with our  Privacy Policy. You can measure over to the tire to check the rearend alignment in relation to the framerail. It may be located on the right side or at the weight box on the left side next to the driver. With both front lasers pointed ahead, line up both targets so that the points are exactly on the centerlines. Equal measurements to the tire front and rear means the rearend is perpendicular to the chassis centerline. Conversely, if your feet point out, that’s negative toe. Take the rear targets and place them 14 feet in front of the front hubs, and line up the centerlines with the laser points. Translated to road course driving, "left" when referring to the position of a part on a car means "inside" and "right" means "outside". An alignment that is improperly set can cause your car to want to pull to one side or another or require more effort to make steering inputs. Circle-Track Setup: What Is Toe, And Why Should You Use It? Toe-in is also used on dirt to great effect here in Pennsylvania with sprint car racing. More on this in future articles. 4. CircleTrackSupply specializes in motor sports racing, circle track parts, tools for the shop and at the track on race day, dirt track parts, Imca, Late Model Stock Car, ASA, Hooters Pro Cup, NASCAR Weekly Racing Series, Busch East, Grand National, drag ra If you adjust your left side tie rod so that the difference in distance between the front and rear targets is 1 1/2 inches, you will have 1/8 inch of toe. Knowledge of it is important for all types of auto racing, not just circle track. True Laser Track (TLT) makes Alignment Simple! Actually, yes. Dirt racing tires come in hundreds of different sizes and compounds to match what a team expects a race to unfold, and if you’re crafty about it (and the rules allow), you can create your own tread patterns with a razor knife. Track geometry is three-dimensional geometry of track layouts and associated measurements used in design, construction and maintenance of railroad tracks.The subject is used in the context of standards, speed limits and other regulations in the areas of track gauge, alignment, elevation, curvature and track surface. This is the toe amount that exists in one inch. Adjust the rearend so that each measurement to the frame is equal. The problem is that no amount of manipulating other setup components will overcome a wheel-alignment problem. Just the expense of building & setting up the car, and just getting what you need to set every aspect of the race car was costing a fortune. On most quarter- to half-mile racetracks, little Ackermann is needed to make sure the wheels are tracking inline with the radius of the turn for each wheel. It is recommended you go over the hub surface with a flat file to eliminate any bulges or edges of metal that would cause the laser to be improperly aligned. This shows the alignment, side to side, of the tire contact patches, the beams being equal offset distances from the centers of the contact patches. Rear Alignment - The direction that the rearend is pointed in relation to the chassis can dictate how a car will behave in the turns. Michael Loescher, chief instructor for FinishLine Racing School and creator/inventor of the "True Laser Track" is a lot like his mentor John Browning. We will go through the process using both methods in order to show you how to perform each step. Copyright © 2021 Motorsport Simulations, LLC. Ackermann Adjusted - The last alignment priority is making sure you have very little Ackermann, which is the creation of additional front toe as the wheels are turned. 3. To counter this nose-dive, a bit more toe-in will give the driver an added sensation of control and response through the steering column. It has all the necessary components, except for one thing-it has a serious alignment problem. A properly set alignment will compensate for what is known as road crown – roads are sloped slightly to cause water to run off more quickly – while still being able to maintain a straight track. This entire process should take only about an hour or two if there are several team members helping. You must recheck to make sure the rearend is still perpendicular to the framerail each time you adjust it. This would be around 3/32 inch difference in the amount that each wheel turned (LF turning more than the RF), measured on the targets or 0.097 in decimal inches. How Does It Work? Use toe plates for the analog method. Price Range . This may take several tries to get both the rearend square and the right-side tire contract patches lined up. Toe Settings - Proper toe settings at the front and the rear are important. However, this can also make a car that is inherently difficult to keep on a straight line (because of the huge RR tire) even MORE difficult to keep on the straights. Do the same for all head blocks. When using the string, you must compensate for the camber of the right front wheel which moves that tire contact patch out. The points do not need to be exactly on the target centerline, only equal distance from the centerlines. In short, camber is the lean of a tire. With the lasers attached to the front hubs, level the front lasers (vertically) and reposition the targets so that they are equal distance from the center of the front hubs. All corners are left turns. On all circle track cars, stock cars to modifieds, when a wheel is cambered, the tire generates a lateral force known as "Camber Thrust." Adjust the left-side tie rod to set your toe. Circle Track (287) New Product (75) PowerSports (42) Pro Packs (32) Marine (18) Jr Dragster (4) Savings Central . However, this is old news. If you started out with the LF wheel straight ahead, dialing in 1/8 inch of toe at the tire will require about 3/4 inch of movement of the laser point at the front target. Adjust the Panhard or J-bar length so that the right-side laser beams (tire contact patches) are one point. So in other words, the faster the car around a corner, the more wheel spin, the more distorted the tire! An organization’s vision and mission are one of the top priorities that the management and the employees want to accomplish. Look down at your feet. Upon locating the high point, mark it with an arrow and then rotate the tire (front or rear) so the arrow is at the top pointing straight up. Basically, caster is … Seen it in Circle Track and some other places. Circular Mill Alignment Advice on fine adjustments to a circular sawmill for accurate cutting performance. Cars that do not have load transfer, such as legends cars, can be run with toe-in to great effect at tight-cornering tracks, such as Martinsville or Langley. One of the pivotal factors in achieving this feat is proper team alignment. Measure the distance between the front targets and then between the rear targets. September 13th, 2013 by Will help the car turn better. $20-$50 (1) $50-$100 (1) $100-$250 (1) $250-$500 (11) Filter Options . By Bob Bolles, Circle Track Magazine . Using the laser, at the left front (LF) hub, align the left-side targets with the LF laser at the front and rear and at 14 feet (168 inches) from the LF hub center. Whole-car alignment is critical. Allstar Performance offers quality Circle Track Racing - Asphalt Suspension at a great price, check out our website today at Calculations show that for those tracks with fairly large radii (much more than was used to design for passenger cars for turning the corner at the stop sign), a small amount of added toe is needed to properly align the front wheels to their individual radii. The key to maintaining accuracy in a laser system is to be able to check the tool to make sure the beam is truly tracking at right angles to the mounting device. This camber thrust can work with you or against you in the corners depending on your front end alignment and suspension geometry. Toe plates that might slip slightly cannot come near the amount of accuracy required when dealing with fractions of a degree. The difference in distance between pairs of targets is now divided by 168 and multiplied by the tire diameter to find the Ackermann toe that is added to the static toe settings. Since most (!) Negative camber is the characteristic generally desired in performance driving. February 12, 2007 ... #2 and measure. If your teams’ alignment is not in sync with the organization’s goals and objectives, it becomes quite challenging to fulfill the tasks. Leave the right side alone. Even small amounts of toe are not acceptable. The Ford clip with 4" offsets across the front is 76" wide, so 77" when i … Interested in special offers, free giveaways, and news? Measure between the two target centerlines on each side. Shop Oval Track Alignment Squaring Tools and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. However, this situation is typically isolated to circle track racing where cars run on banked race tracks. The laser uses targets at each end of the car. On an 85-inch tire, this diameter is 27.05 inches. Repeat this entire process often, especially after kissing the wall or being involved in a crash. Increasing the angle at the RF upper A-Arm raises the Front Roll Center and moves it to the right. Wheel Alignment Tools (12) Turn Plates (1) Get Results. Gain would be 1.5 to 2.5 degrees of camber through travel. Note where it is positioned in relation to the centerline. Set four targets, two on each side, at equal distances forward and rearward from the vertical center of the rear hubs. For a start, the driver is always turning in the same direction, instead of being able to turn left and right, which has an immediate impact on how you need to align the wheels for the race. The unit we used is called a True Laser Track. Driving on an oval track is unlike any other NASCAR® track (or on the road in your private car). Step 2 - Once the rearend has been toed straight ahead, shine the right rear (RR) laser so that you can measure the offset to a straight framerail at the front and rear or two places offset from the centerline of the chassis. However, that is only one of the three basic geometric ways to move a tire on a race vehicle. In past ancient setups that were prevalent in the early ’90s and before, the left front tire did little, if any, work. This is done by turning the steering wheel lock to lock, then back half the number of turns from full lock in either direction. (Special thanks to Mike and Kristal Loescher), By clicking Sign Up, you agree to the  Terms of Use. Published: June 26, 2017. Chry Lower Slug w/ Nut 1.5 per Ft. Spindle Checker Slug - Lower - 1-1/2 in/ft Taper - Steel - Black Oxide - Chrysler Lower Ball Joints - Allstar Spindle Checkers - Each Step 6 - It is now time to measure for the amount of Ackermann present in the steering system. In most cases, you need to line up the right-side tire contact patches. If your toes point in (pigeon-toed), that is positive toe. Note: this page refers to circle track driving. In circle track racing, “tie-down shock” and “easy-up shock” are two common terms used to describe valving characteristics of a shock. With most production cars set up to strongly understeer from the factory, many track alignment settings are designed to move the cars closer to neutral handling, by making it oversteer more than street settings would. This increases camber gain similar to doing the Guldstrand mod, and the taller outer tie rod end helps reduce bump steer to stock levels. A dirt track street stock race car is hardly refined. Step 5 - It's time to set the static toe at the front wheels. If they're all the same, then it's something else. Center the laser beam on each target and measure the distance between the centers at the front and also at the rear. Since we’re just rotating a wheel assembly, it’s going to affect how the tire acts upon the track surface. For the analog (string) method, the nylon string we used was from the local hardware store. So is this a good thing? JaimeB. ... ride height, trailing arm/four link settings, alignment settings, corner weights, and sway bar adjustments. Schell Wins First iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Race, Bergeron Controls Title Chase at Williams Grove, Defending Champ Job Back on Top of Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup at Barcelona, Team Redline Goes 1-2 at 2021 BMW Sim GT Cup Opener From Daytona, iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Preview: Williams Grove. Now, we will show how to align all the critical parts so the wheels will track true to the path of the race car. Part Number: TNH-3300 Step 1 - Check both the front wheels and the rear wheels for runout. WEIGHT AND BALANCE FOR … Translation: Toe-in will scrub straightaway speed and develop heat in the front tires faster, which can be a good thing in cold weather, but in a longer race, will cause the RF to warm past optimal temperatures. Most car builders will align at least one framerail parallel to the intended centerline of the chassis. Simply put, there are three different ways, or dimensions, to rotate in the world: (1) front to back, (2) side to side and (3) up and down. Ackermann is important because it can ruin an otherwise great setup. Circle Track Setup: The Case for Caster. Step 3 - Center the front steering rack. Compared to the ultra-sophisticated late models or sprint cars, the bomber stock type dirt track cars are prehistoric. A quicker and more accurate way to align the car in all areas is by the use of a laser system. Customer Service Since 1952 in ... Speedway Front End Toe Alignment Gauge Tool. … Every car and track is different and these ball parks give are a simple view of old school camber Well, common-sense physics will tell you that the faster you go, the more force you’re going to put on something. November 13th, 2013 by JaimeB. A set of tires not toed correctly will create a lot of drag, much like applying the brakes. Attach the laser to the rear hubs. You’re not getting beat by better technology, you’re getting beat by a better setup. Taller upper ball joints are now available to correct the front suspension geometry. We’ll discuss this later. This means both right side tires are lined up. It saves time and energy to put the most important items at the top of the list and work on them first. Poor alignment can ruin an otherwise great setup. Acknowledgment: this page was mirrored from Trackpedia. Track Order. Circle Track (7) PowerSports (2) Savings Central . If the point where the beam strikes each right side target is not an equal distance from the target center as well as on the same side, adjust the length of the right side tie rod to align the right front wheel parallel to the rear wheel. It takes a lot of force to stop a car, especially so when they weigh upwards of 3,000 pounds! Turn the wheel the approximate amount that the driver does when negotiating the turns at the racetrack. Look at the chart to estimate how much to compensate for the camber. In the last article, I talked about the uses of toe and how it affects both drivability and front-end dynamics. They need all the help they can get to control the weight transfer. The number should be low, around 1/64 inch of added toe for a half-mile track. For a tight, quarter-mile track, the added toe due to Ackermann effect should be about 1/16 inch, or about 3/8 inch difference at the targets. Subtract the compensation amount from the offset read at the RF wheel to find how far from the string the RR wheel needs to be in order to line up the right side tire contact patches. We offer a complete inventory of available parts and experienced, professional technicians ready to keep you on the road and your vehicle running smoothly. That looseness will stay with the car throughout the turns, especially ruining the turn exit. You must compensate for this slight distortion by finding the extreme high spot at a point equal in height to the hub height. With standard suspension travel and a static camber of 3.5 degrees negative you would achieve about 5 to 6 degrees of camber in the center of the turn. We have talked about the importance of proper steering related to Ackermann as well as the alignment of the rearend. Roof Railing for a '33 5-Window by Jess (MacKichan) Gasper - Posted in Tech 3/31/2017 Jess M talks about the finishing touches she put on the soft top insert of her 1933 5-window Ford coupe. Four-wheel alignment can be the final setup parameter that can take you to the front or keep you in the rear of the field. The laser system is one that attaches to the wheel hubs (models for both Wide 5 and 5-on-5 hubs) and can be rotated 360 degrees, and leveled both horizontally and vertically. Remember to be careful and accurate and do the measurements several times to be sure of the numbers. . 1. Sign up to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox. Chances are, it’s through the turns, where the chassis of the car is changing force and distorting the tire. This is the fourth video in the asphalt set #DA. The laser can be removed from the hub adapter and turned to check if the laser pointed to the same spot on a target. All Rights Reserved. Use a jackstand to hold the tape steady and rotate the tire, noting the distance from the stand. This means as the wheel rotates, the outer edge of the tire will wobble slightly. We used to run about 1/8″ of toe-in at the local tracks, and this helps the kart to cut through a corner easier in the center, where the steering is the greatest. Someone else has figured out how to make their tires work better than yours. Also, as the iRacing tooltips in the garage states, adding TOE should increase stability . The final alignment will show the right-side patches are in line with one another along with the rearend being perpendicular to that line. While it is probably true that a car out of alignment is more forgiving on dirt, it is important on both dirt and asphalt to have your wheels properly aligned. Before this can be accomplished, you must address the critical area of chassis tuning. That much is easy to understand. We always try to think of the elements of a good, winning setup in terms of priority. That is little effort expended to make sure your car will track correctly and that misalignment will not interfere with performance. Anyway, this year i got a new rear end housing 61" centered, with a 3" offset wheel on the LR and a 4" on the RR both of my rear tires are narrower than the front. If the rearend is pointed to the left of the centerline of the chassis, the car will be tight through the middle and off the corner. Around the pit area, a trick that is used to swing the rear-end of a powerful sprint car around these flat-banked, tight-cornering, and narrow tracks is a trick called “right-front wedge.”  Essentially, the teams toe-in the RF tire a little more to make the rear flick out in the center, allowing the driver more drive off the corner on a wet night or if the fast line is around the inside rail. The weight shift causes the front suspension to travel, and therefore impart a greater force onto the steering linkage, causing an added bit of toe-out. No matter what kind of motorsport racing there is, there will always be a reason to optimize the contact patch of the tire to gain maximum grip. CHASSIS TUNING FOR ASPHALT. So if the racing demands only the use of one certain tire, then you don’t have to worry about getting beat by another tire, but rather by someone who figured out how to get better performance out of their tires. A good, well-balanced setup is a product of making sure all of the elements are in place. Step 4 - Once the right front (RF) wheel has been adjusted to point straight ahead parallel to the RR hub, level the RF laser (vertically) to shine the point on the floor. Problem is, this is racing, darn it, and that means we need to go faster! autosport involves going as fast as possible, in order to do this, the car’s chassis and suspension is going to change attitude, whether it’s a hotlap at Atlanta, F1 at Silverstone, or even a top fuel dragster twisting and bending its rails off the line. In a “one-tire rule” racing series, front-end geometry is more important than “open-tire” series. Since the chassis is going to change, it will put force on the wheel assembly, and therefore the rubber of the tire, distorting it from its original circular shape.

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