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Porto Mobility proudly presents Brand new 2021 'The RANGER D09' Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair, Supports up to 400 lbs, Approved for Airplane Travel, Safe and Easy Ride! Porto Mobility proudly presents Brand new 2021 'The RANGER D09 XL' Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair, Supports up to 400 lbs, Approved for Airplane Travel, Safe and Easy Ride! I'm a bit big for it even tho' I meet the weight requirements but my wife says that I need to lose weight anyway so that problem would be taken care of. Now I am regaining my freedom. $2,499.00. Both Arms Fold Up, The Controller Comes off – The BEAST is EASY to Control, Manage and Use! I go shopping with my daughter and I race against my granddaughter! Image not available. I was surprised at the weight of the chair. It is made with top-notch materials and is built to take a beating. Invacare Storm Series Ranger X - MK6 Recline IAM Module - Power Wheelchair Part. The time required to fully charge battery. Thanks to the customer service. Porto Mobility Ranger D09; Next up, we have the Porto Mobility Ranger D09 chair. Porto Mobility Ranger D09 Power Wheelchair: Porto Mobility Ranger D09 is a wheelchair with … With this chair, she already looks forward to her Hawaii trip! This is our final choice electric wheelchair on the … To sum it up ABSOLUTELY would reccomend this powerchair. The chair is easy to use and folds just like advertised. It can safely support up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for those who need a higher weight capacity. The Beast navigates obstacles with ease. Add to Cart. Its frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum designed to be exceptionally strong while keeping the device extremely lightweight. It is nice that it can be set to lower speeds for beginner operators! I have used this wheelchair for almost 3 months and it continues to impress me with the distance the dual batteries provide. I just strapped my backpack onto the back of the wheelchair when traveling through the airport. Stop worrying about who would repair your wheelchair or how you would get your wheelchair to them. I believe my strength is no better than average for my age and size. But then, I'm not exactly a light weight myself, so it can't be too light. The Beast power wheelchair is engineered for the bariatric market and offers heavy duty construction and performance components, including upgraded motors and a reinforced frame. Opens image gallery. The chair is comfortable and very responsive to the Joystick. Life is too short to stay indoors when family and other fun gatherings can literally be right at the tips of just one finger, which is all it takes to control the sensi-touch joystick controller. I like the chair. Long range battery is very convenient! I LOVE this chair. Service & Maintenance available in All US States. You could go to Parks like Disney and ride around all day long and still lots of battery left to go... Another great feature of the The Beast is that it uses Smart Power Technology. Whether you are heavy weight or you just want a Supercharged (500Wx2 Brushless Jet Power Motors)cruising up to 7mph folding motorized wheelchair which has a comfortable specious seat that offers a very smooth ride with added shocks (6pcs) and heavy duty pneamatic air Tires, Porto Mobility/s RANGER THE BEAST is simple and truly the top pick for you. Fully ASSEMBLED delivered Porto Mobility is a US Company that is committed to offer the best Mobility Products. Excited about having this forum to tout the massive change my new Ranger Quattro has engendered in my life!!! You could go to Parks like Disney and ride around all day long and still lots of battery left to go... Another great feature of the The Beast is that it uses Smart Power Technology. The spring rains have kept us from fully testing it’s range, but after three weeks we are pleased. PORTO MOBILITY RANGER D09-S XL Folding Air Travel Electric Power Wheelchair. Quite happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. Its unique design delivers high-performance operation indoors and out. Overall Length(footrest closed):38” Overall Length(footrest open):47”, Overall Width(between rear wheels): 25.8” Overall Width(between armrest (removable)): 26.5", Motor: 500W x 2, rear-wheel drive and steering, Brakes: Intelligent braking (electronic, regenerative, Standard Electronics: 50 amp, brushless motor controller, Built in USB Port Joystick allows charging Smart Phones while riding, Drive Distance: 2 Batteries up to 30 Miles (original) - optional (3 battery up to 45Miles), Seat Dimensions Width x Depth: 20.5” x 19”. I was able to place the chair in my compact Mercedes c300’s trunk easily! I have used it most of the time in my house but on many occasions I have used it outside in grass, gravel, dirt and on my sidewalks. Last but not the least This chair is mostly recommended for outdoor all terrain use you will get the smootest ride ever from a Folding Elecric Wheelchair Imagine of like a Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator, the Beast is a All Terrain SUV version of Folding Electric Wheelchairs but also can fold up and can be used indoor which means can go thru standard doorways. I love my Porto Mobility Ranger Wheelchair and would recommend it to anyone needing a portable wheelchair. Ranger D09 Caregiver Control Lightweight Folding Power Wheelchair. routine. The frame of the chair is lightweight and made of aircraft high-grade aluminum alloy. Since I received it and charged it I haven't even had to charge it again. Never once did I need a charge and I can state unequivocally - no hill bested the Quattro!!! I should become a sales rep. You will always enjoy the ride with Magnificent Steering and Speedy Accelaration which will get you off to places quick and hassle free. It is easy to fold up and get into my van and even open it fits okay. This model is a foldable, lightweight wheelchair that offers all-terrain capability. Experience the things you've been missing. It has everything she needs! Porto Mobility RANGER Discovery D09 XL Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair. Wow what a great experience. EXCELLENT TURNING RADIUS: Radius and the ability to go in all directions with the NEW Sensi-Touch Joystick, not only can you drive your Quattro Wheelchair with just one finger, you can also navigate your Quattro into tight spaces that require sensitive turning abilities! They called to follow up and check if everything was ok after the chair’s delivery! We like the Beast because of its strength, durability and heavy-duty steel suspension frame. As such my independent mobility ended and I had to research the market for a powered alternative. If you’re tackling more rugged terrain, you can rest easy; the Beast has an impressive 3” inch ground clearance, up to 25” degree incline rating, large 14 inch Air-filled air drive tires, and a suspension system to get you through any situation. On road, off road the Quattro takes me in comfort, dependability, and utmost style! With it’s long range, his wheelchair will last a lot longer than we will.

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