Author: Ganesh Kalyanakrishnan

  • Calendar Maybe For A Year, The Magic of Motherhood Enchants Us Forever


    2021 Calendar Maybe For A Year, The Magic of Motherhood Enchants Us Forever

  • If Your Messages Matter, Make Messages Memorable.

    Have you ever wondered ? Why some brands seem to have better share of mind, which over a period of time translates to better share of the Customer’s wallet.

  • Thanksgiving : KARVY-ng the Customer – the new Turkey?


    Those not familiar with SEBI and those open minded enough to believe that intelligent life could exist beyond earth may immediately think SEBI is a typo and it is actually SETI that is meant. Speaking of intelligence, one is surprised how the banks allowed the said Customer stocks to be pledged with them. Maybe the MoF, GoI could engage some SETI – like search. The Search for Economic Transgressors in India may well be a worthwhile pursuit.

  • Secure Data or SeeUR Data – Privacy under Cloud?


    We assume our data (including surfing patterns) is our own and it is safe. We may have some knowledge that our data is being used by Technology Service Providers (for genuine software related purposes as claimed by them). A few of us may even be aware of other entities whose business models is to ‘scrap’ and garner more detailed information about users online. Those agitated by this may even get more bellicose when these entities call themselves ‘Data Enrichment Companies'(DECs).

  • High fLiar


    Mr Rxxxx Mxxxxxxxx hoped to be seen as a High Flier. To that end he conned Airport and Airline officials about 15 times, posing as a consultant & instructor with German Airliner, Lufthansa. Using this fake identity he used to fly on the sly, even getting upgrades to premium sections. Thus giving a new twist […]

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