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On Courlos To Tennis Greatness? Wishing Carlos Alcaraz the very best


Dr Boondhi’s Bol on the youngest world No 1 in Tennis history.

In the last few decades, it has been a difficult time for tennis playing men (young or experienced) in their efforts to win Grand Slams. The top three with more than 60 Gland Slam wins between them have frustrated challengers.

A formidable role model

It is always heartening therefore to see the emergence of new players who by challenging history, may themselves change it in due course. Carlos Alcaraz may or may not live up to the greatness of his foremost role model Rafael Nadal. Time will tell.

A retiring Prima Donna, a new Prince

Meanwhile Dr Boondhi is thankful for a new flower blooming in Tennis, even as a Prima Donna bade farewell a few days ago. A tearful adieu to the fans she Serenaded for more than a decade.

The next lot of the Titans?

Best Wishes to the new Prince Carlos of tennis from Spain. Whether he becomes King and reigns for long, will be interesting to watch. He may be the next sensation after the current big Three hang their racquets.


The VioorA View

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NoFail (on clay) Nadal – Champions DoMimic Thiemselves


In an outcome that repeated last year’s French Open final, Rafael Nadal wins his 18th Grand Slam at Roland Garros. Like last year, he defeated Dominic Thiem again for his 12th Grand Slam title on Clay. He is now only two Grand Slams wins behind Roger Federer.

Champions are Champions because they keep at it without fatigue. Repeating their labours, practicing, mimicking themselves….

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namma virat vada vs namma thala idli – RCB vs CSK


While you could believe us in good faith on the notes below, you may also Contact Us for a free PoC (Proof of Concept). We would be happy to hear from you.

The Major Challenge One of the major challenges for Brand Owners is to get their Customers / stakeholders (even employees too) to talk about or share their Brand/s in the public domain…. in an interesting/ entertaining/ fun/ thoughtful/ positive manner….. Huge budgets may be spent on on-line/ off-line media (read one-way communication). But, unless Consumers/ Loyalists/ Fans keep the Brand active (positively), the spends may not be worth it. This is because, increasingly, the Advertisement/ Commercial is not what the Brand Owner pushes on traditional/ new-age media. It is the talk a Customer/ Prospect initiates and that which fellow Customers and Prospects hear, add, share in turn……

How is Your Brand doing? 1) How often is Your Brand (YB) talked about in the social media these days? 2) Is there room for improvement in the %age (mind) share of YB in the social media content? 3) How is YB being talked about? Does it capture the imagination of tomorrow’s customers in an interesting manner or is it no different from competing players (at least from the Customer’s perspective) 4) If YB is no different from competition, are we content maintaining status quo? 5) Is YB providing any opportunity/ platform currently for its Users/ Brand Loyalists to actively participate in promoting YB as a Brand? 5 a) If so, what is it/ how good is it/ and how long can it be leveraged? 5 b) If not, should I think about changing the situation? what are my options?

Enter VioorA newsCues – Your Brand has Mojo, news it !
NEWS is one of the biggest commodities of modern civil society. The opportunity available for the common citizen to make News and also the ability to share/ disseminate it with one’s own perspective (added) is one of the successes of Democratically/ Technologically egalitarian economies.

VioorA newsCues ticks most of the boxes that would be important for any Marketing Communication activity involving a brand/ offering. Not only does newsCues trigger conversation/ feedback in a fun/ interesting/ entertaining/ positive manner, it also creates a favourable impression about the Brand and triggers continuing positive association..
Stakeholders eagerly await what their Brand’s ‘Take’ would be, on any given day, on the news items that have recently unfolded.

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Work As Art


Work is Worship

We are used to the idiom ‘Work is Worship’. But unless one is a very fervidly religious kind of person, even the imagery of worship may not really enthuse. Yes, Worship is a good example to instil a sense of duty/ discipline. It also held true for centuries and maybe continued till a few decades ago. The old age economies till some time back, by their very nature, offered little scope for variation/ innovation. For the vast majority, an idiom like Work is Worship was needed to numb their ‘doubting intellect’ and get them to work. Just as one did not question God or the various rituals the Clergy-led Establishment followed in God’s name, one could not question Work however soul-sapping its mundanity could be.

Of course, there would always be a small percentage of creative and innovative individuals who had/ have made progress possible, technologically or process-wise. They rise above their circumstances/ situation etc due to their internal drive and with a little luck, perhaps.

Creativity, the Differentiator in the Work place

There is an urgent need to look beyond Work as Worship or duty (barring certain necessary/ critical functions like medical/ social services).  There is also increasing realisation about the importance of Creativity in the work place…… and the need to infuse more of it. Creativity whenever possible, wherever possible, however possible, by whomsoever possible.

The more evolved/ innovative enterprises are continuously working on mechanisms to facilitate the above. Even broad-minded Hospitals/ Healthcare organisations increasingly embrace new concepts in typically age-old services/ practices.

Work As Art – the New Paradigm

Imagine a Corporate Culture where Work (of any kind) is seen as Art. Imagine the way any worker/ employee/ manager/ consultant/ CXO is expected to work. Besides other human/ humane attributes, imagine, these contributors being encouraged to look at his/ her work contributions as (a form of) Art. Imagine the decision makers creating the Ambience necessary to reinforce this belief. Imagine each element of the Work force vying with the other in good spirit to showcase more creativity in the most (seemingly) mundane of tasks or processes. Would not that be Utopia at Work?

Let your Walls Sing. May Your Desk Inspire.



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Nofail (on clay) Nadal. Champions Do Mimic Thiem selves


VioorA provides Brands with a nice VEHICLE.
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