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Calendar Maybe For A Year, The Magic of Motherhood Enchants Us Forever


A calendar for the new 2021 is useful. As a magnetic sticker for the fridge, it is all the more convenient. The Calendar may be useful for a year, but what if the message on it is timeless? We have a range of VioorA Freedge (Be Cool, Keep Ideas Warm) messages to inspire/ motivate/ provoke your thoughts. 


Motherhood is Magical. Whether as a Magic Candle or as a Magic Cradle. Imagine this message on your fridge. The Calendar is for a year, but the Magic of Motherhood enchants us for ever.

Available in Two Sizes –  Popular (6 inches x 6 inches) and Premium (9 inches x 9 inches) and Two Background Colours  (Silver Grey and Pink+Yellow)

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VioorA adds music to your notes and communication.


Notes add Music to our Lives. VioorA adds music to your notes and communication.

Under the broader spectrum of Corporate Communications, we work on

Ambience Art,

Brand Balladry

Corporate Gifting

Dialogues by Design.

VioorA Ambience, VioorA AssemPlify, VioorA HeadLight, VioorA SalesStory, VioorA wowNow are some of the products/services that we offer.

Leverage ……

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Bullet Train(s) its guns on Tribals -the Darker Shades of Progress

VioorA provides Brands with a nice VEHICLE.
options available for various flavours, erudition levels, pro/anti establishment/ neutral…….

Politics/ Economy/ Business/ Sports/ Health/ Environment/ Science

Choose the one, your brand wishes to communicate with…..
newsCues helps your Brand increase/ build/ project its mojo. Get Your Brand here

VIOORA newsCues – Your Brand has mojo. News It!