VioorA Ambience

An off-shoot of our Consulting & Design/ Corporate Communications work, we take great delight in trying to pioneer the concept of Positive Ambience. Psychologists and Productivity/ ‘Well-being’ researchers increasingly highlight its benefits.They believe ambience plays an important role in moulding/ triggering behaviour, both in professional or domestic environments.

There are multiple facets to Ambience  Enhancement including Architectural Re-designing and Infrastructure Re-alignment. Besides higher costs, these also could lead to considerable inconvenience, however short the time-line.

VioorA Ambience presents a much simpler and far more cost-effective approach.  Please find below a few of the varied artifacts (designed in-house, under various categories/ Behaviour Triggers) that we offer our Customers.

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We also customize messages for use as effective corporate gifting/ motivational/ promotional material. We would be happy to discuss this with you.


Ambience can be Celestial, without costing the earth.