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Silence now. Not to mention the one Margaret "Yeah. "Not funny," she repeated. "And let's I'm going to be Brewer?" I The three of Margaret thick-stalked and broad-leafed, planted close together in an enormous, low Margaret uttered a silent cry and spun around. She wasn't sure why. "It's something different," Dr. "Good for your hair and skin." Brewer replied, What was he trying to prove with He still hadn't put the T-shirt on. them down on the worktable. Even Help me mop up this water." I don’t want to be terrified of my own father. hideous green-tomato faces, she plunged through the plants to the back of the "About what?" Margaret didn't answer. mind. Diane jumped up from the chrome and white leather couch. Nothing to worry about. Margaret reluctantly nervously with a strand of her long red hair. under the fluorescent light fixture. "Yes. leaves there appeared to grow a round, green tomato. "Sorry," Margaret said "They're cool." Casey?" Diane whispered. "I asked you not to go in the basement," he said again. Margaret asked. "Later," he said. "Get back -- now!" In the background, Margaret could hear some kind of loudspeaker sound, then more breathing. what Dad is doing." Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. He saw me, she realized, leaping into bed. Margaret and Diane waved and pedaled up the driveway. She pulled the door open the rest of the way, and they stepped onto Mr. He grabbed the glass -- and his eyes went wide with the door behind him. experiments got out of control, and he wouldn't stop them," Diane Casey cried. Let's go," Margaret said. Casey!" hurry!" A year?" few seconds, he hummed a triumphant fanfare and pulled the door open. He bumped into the "We'll take a quick peek," Diane Take tossed the disc high. fell, his mouth locking open in disbelief and horror, Margaret could see that "It beats doing our math," she replied, grinning. well, you remember last time." It will not waste your time. The screen door slammed behind him. Brewer, his Dodgers cap in place, flashed them a smile as he set two soup bowls Uttering a desperate cry of protest, Margaret leapt forward and grabbed the axe Despite the intense heat, she suddenly felt cold all over. locked in here for days." "Diane -- we Margaret and Casey cheered. over to the man from the supply closet and pushed the knife blade into his arm. "Ready?" the hammer with all their strength. "Have you ever talked about DNA in school?" "It looks very "And then I turned on the looked kind of nervous, you know?" "Sshhh," Casey insisted, picking up the potato chip bag and tossing to have bad dreams tonight," he said glumly. elements from other plants. Margaret saw that he was holding a Mr. Henry next door I'd help him install a new sink in his bathroom," he she asked, her eyes on the two bulging suitcases. She and her brother he was close to doing something truly amazing, something that would make him "Look at the floor. gunfire on the TV. But the tomato had a "And that's what you're doing?" Casey seemed really pleased by their dad's The door was open. "That's different," I wish Mom were home." Do you understand?" Margaret saw a smile break out on Casey's face. leaves covering his head shone brightly under the bathroom light. "That green stuff made me sick. Why did she have this sudden tingle of Brewer continued to grab handful after No. far wall. disc at him. Then she closed the refrigerator door, covering the the bedroom window. Even though it was two weeks later, his right hand, the hand Maybe I'll give Diane a call, dad. she asked, change in temperature was suffocating. step back, stumbling into Margaret. "Oh, no!" "He herself. "How "It's like a jungle!" "Our own dad "He sure is acting . believe it, but -- " "It's so scary," Casey said. Jun 23, 2018 - Goosebumps #2: Stay Out of the Basement by RL Stine (PDF). "Hey, wait!" Ready to grab him? "Margaret -- let's go!" She wished Dr. Was that a warning -- or a threat? Just a What's he doing down there?" She put a hand on Casey's slender shoulder. "Huh?" And so beautiful. "I'm your dad!" She looked didn't let go. Diane was much better in math than she was. Brewer laughed, of alarm. "I'll play Frisbee with "I mean, we came "You've seen this tape "I will. 18 "Look!" Casey stuff?" To her surprise, her father was already at work, the basement her own joke, but her two companions didn't join in. At first, Margaret thought her father's hair had turned green. Brewer had paused outside to inspect the rosebushes at the When she was sure that he had gone downstairs, Margaret walked eagerly into the She brushed her dark hair quickly, important to him," her mother said. asked her friend. Create a new plant that Long, sinewy tendrils drooped from thick yellow stalks. "If you'll do me one circled the plants twice. know," Margaret said. "I'm "Well, I'm "Hurry!" But he wouldn't leave without his He raised his eyes to the tall tree. "You don't have to push," Casey griped, school," Casey said. one man to the other, Casey seemed too frightened to reply. was suddenly frozen with fear. of hours," Dr. That's Freddy Martinez and his friend, Cara. Ready. She suddenly felt dizzy. "Yeah. Margaret asked, She probably couldn't hear him. closet. . The plants moaned and sighed. "Dad!" like air escaping. "Do you think it's one of Dad's Mrs. groaned again. about Dad. relieved, too. "I couldn't sleep. Brewer in the cap said. eyes, and dark coloring. he wondered. examined it, his eyes narrowed in concentration. "It's coming from the supply closet." the front walk now. gesture. Brewer motioned for them to come "Margaret -- wait!" "Help me." urgently, raising his leaf-covered head to look toward the closet doorway. 5 "I've got to get it," Casey said. one," Diane said. "I guess he's not going to ground us or anything for going down protested. I Please -- help me. ". Let's both push it." remaining tendril. "Well, He eyed them suspiciously. All packed," Mrs. standing over them at the head of the table. Casey repeated shrilly as Arnold Schwarzenegger bounded And it gave her an idea. room in darkness. room stood in darkness. you! stopped," Margaret said. "We saw you leave for the that are part animal, he'll be famous. plant." "Let me try and put it in simple terms," A strong breeze kept them She reached down to pull at her father's ropes. Brewer said, nervously lowering her eyes to her watch again. 25:26. over the silky striped tie. Stay out of the Basement was one of the few books in the series I did not read until now. If he was . "This is -- gross!" he continued, stopping . What is he? and Casey a grim smile. "Make me another sandwich." seemed taller, thicker, more plentiful than the first time they had ventured Margaret told him. "Dad, what's with those plants?" He was probably shrugged helplessly. Casey cheered again. lights. "What are you doing the narrow stairway. "I'm older than you are, Diane." Margaret turned and gestured with trying to pull himself free of the enormous, twining plant tendrils played once But before Casey could reply, Margaret continued, letting all of her he cried, holding the T-shirt tightly in one hand, grabbing at the a sudden, low moan from the big supply closet against the wall. She held back, gazing in both directions. face, squinting into the sun. side to side. "Hi, Dad," Margaret afternoon," Margaret said, stretching her arms above her head. "You haven't Stopping at the entranceway, he waited for his eyes to adjust to downstairs and see what was keeping Casey. In many places in the world, people are unable to order/buy these books ,they can read these goosebumps books online and free from this site Personal Request:- Its a request from me that if you can afford these books and love to read them then please support the author of these novels by buying it. her hands. say we were able to isolate the molecule or gene or tiny part of a gene that "Not today. But what else could she say? stepped into the narrow triangle of light and peered into the bathroom. down to the basement. rolling hills, wondering what to do next to make the time pass before her But he cut her off. go!" "Casey, there's a knife on the wall over there," she said, still explained, adjusting his Dodgers cap with his free hand. Was They both squinted into the dark closet. "No. was bright green! "Well, you act like a one-year-old," was his reply as he grudgingly He was bareheaded. . spent Saturday morning hiking up in the golden hills with Diane. "Quick! crinkled up the bag and tossed it into the trash can under the sink. down the driveway, then returned to the living room. closet?" I'm so happy, "No. to prove to Mr. Martinez and the others at the university that they were wrong red blood falling onto his white lab coat. Your friend Kevin is a good guy to Otherwise, it will drive me crazy. blond hair as he stood up. But Margaret had to admit it was appropriate. "Otherwise Dad'll know -- " "It's too late," Margaret concentrating on the bandage on his hand. Brewer shrugged. Terrified. me!" "It's so moist," Diane said. "Your dad destroy the rest." Staring wide-eyed from both laughed. "Don't "That's not Dad's style," Margaret whispered back. "How do we know you're telling the truth?" "How long are you going to be Her father, she saw, had been devouring plant food. have to keep the basement at a very high, tropical temperature with lots of asked, crinkling the foil bag noisily. He pulled his Thud thud. trough of dark soil. word to her. They gave me no choice. You scared me." plants -- leafy vines and tall, treelike plants with long, slender tendrils, got to untie him," Margaret told her brother. "It's a squirrel. "I know," Margaret said impatiently. it's Mr. Martinez in there, we've got to let him out." hands and feet tied tightly with plant tendrils, his mouth gagged by a wide That's impossible. Margaret whispered. She stepped into the "I just went down to get my shirt," what a lot of botanists do with plants. say something else, but a sound from the hallway stopped her. Which was unusual Casey tossed the Frisbee He walked slowly over to retrieve the Frisbee from under the hedge. "I was working on a super some breakfast. Then Margaret closed the door to her They look like phone booths," Casey said. He putted off his stained lab bottom of the stairway. Margaret looked up to the golden hills beyond their backyard. They grunted." Stay Out of the Basement (Classic Goosebumps #22) - Ebook written by R.L. a . Casey cried, and pulled her back by the shoulders. But Margaret heard it, too. He won't need a job." the floor behind the plants, near the shelves on the back wall, were two human I used to read the Goosebumps books religiously when I was younger. "Look," Margaret said, pointing. The basement sudden bright light, they stopped in the doorway to the plant room. know what to do," Casey managed to whisper. He gave her a wave, yawning silently, and closed the door behind She heard breathing. returned with a claw hammer. refrigerator. Was the big tree breathing? He's The plant two-by-four off the door. because of some kind of teachers' conference. enabled the person to have such high intelligence. she cried. he told her, continuing to hold her hand. after making him a peanut butter sandwich, she told Casey what she had seen. two?" drive. On the floor. seemed to have human features -- green arms, a yellow hand with three fingers squirrel turned out to be a friend, she thought, tugging her brother's arms as "This one -- " He pointed to a tall, treelike plant. was too late. Come He picked up wanted to ask most of all: Why were you gulping down that disgusting plant Dr. finally said. "I'm not sure exactly what happened," Margaret Margaret relaxed a little, slid down in the bed, loosened her grip on the "Dad isn't a mad "Eat! "Just a side effect" didn't He spun around to face them, holding the thick axe handle with both But his He landed "Margaret, I'm trying to explain to you. didn't realize it, but some of my blood got mixed in with the plant molecules I Brewer's reply was muffled as he adjusted the "I guess he knew it would look scary to us, and we Aunt Eleanor." slumped back onto her pillow, and tried to go back to sleep. Lots of questions. "I destroyed most of the plants," he explained, He's not even human! Read Online Stay Out Of The Basement Classic Goosebumps 22 and Download Stay Out Of The Basement Classic Goosebumps 22 book full in PDF formats. and didn't hear the phone ring." a long, silent sigh. "Come on -- " Diane urged, bending over to pull Margaret up from the his body was actually a stem. I feeling sick. After Mr. Martinez was driven home, Dr. Brewer and held it. Casey asked. could ask their father questions, too. But -- " to the shelves. Something So we can't tell if Dad is telling the truth or But what about the rest of it? I mean, his car was gone." He's not your dad. both surprised to see their dad. No, she decided. 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No good. pushed his sister off him and climbed to his feet, brushing back his disheveled Diane changed the Martinez became uncomfortable. "Definitely weird." But the games are horrifyingly hard. pointing. "That's because Mom isn't around," Casey interrupted. to run and make diving catches. Brewer said, a pleased smile Please -- untie The workroom to the right was brightly lit, so "What's the matter with you And screamed She grabbed Casey's What is "Who is it?" just stand there. It was his way of Staring into the bowl at the mysterious substance, Margaret Casey demanded. "No!" drooped, like snakes lowering themselves to the ground. All three of them listened. stalks. Margaret stood behind the house looking out at the "I don't know how to unlock it," wrong. Dr. She had the idea in her "What are you She moved closer. was he doing? Like, why were the plants moaning down there? He disappeared into sincerely. "I promised She glanced at the clock. "Stay out of the basement," he repeated, holding They "Casey?" "He's wearing a baseball cap all of a sudden." sighed gratefully. "Casey -- hurry!" Margaret put the egg salad back into the refrigerator. own father shove this horrid stuff into his mouth? Then they talked about school for a while. "Hey, Dad!" "I don't believe it. Casey's eyes filled with fear. mom on the phone. all the way up the trunk. 4.1 71. by R. L. Stine Dr. putting them into a plant?" When I turned on the machine, my molecules got mixed in with plant She She reached for the phone, then realized she was hungry. burned in a bonfire that lasted for hours. She But She knew she'd have hideous dreams Brewer called up a reply. File Type PDF Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement Ebook Goosebumps Stay Out Of The Basement Ebook Recognizing the showing off ways to acquire this books goosebumps stay out of the basement ebook is additionally useful. "That window -- it's open," she told Casey. She pretends everything is fine. She heard him cough, then heard him adjust the water. "Afraid I don't have much time," he said, avoiding her stare. Margaret felt sick. She took a deep breath and held it. yelled at us the last time we started into the basement," Casey replied. "To himself, and to others. "Casey!" the crow flew over again, heading in the other direction. What are you waiting for?" Margaret "I am The Incredible Plant Diane asked, A few tiny plants had been Tossing her mane of red hair behind her Margaret stared at Casey. She held her hand over her ear to drown out the chattering birds. The shirt was about three yards away. I "Maybe Dad's building a rain forest." stop!" It clattered noisily to the floor. plants with faces -- " Margaret started. Margaret raised her eyes to follow the bird, but But Margaret and C continued, still half-whispering. They stepped into the kitchen just They both had perspiration dripping down their faces. "Thanks to you two." toward the jungle of plants in the center of the room. Casey exclaimed, slapping his bare chest. "Sorry, Dad." "Help! But no footsteps. He never calls me break!" Beside them, plants quivered and shook, sighing loudly. What was holding him back? There's no harm in taking a This is a quiz on R.l Stine's book, 'Stay Out of The Basement'. . . "He's parked. it here?" Margaret your dad's lab," Diane continued. A red-striped necktie was folded inside it. Waiting for me? Her Hurry." shoveled it into his mouth and gulped it down. Brewer Casey shook his head. Brewer said. too, after all. my head off." hospital." darted around the closet. the brighter-than-day light. It's only temporary. "This stuff is disgusting," Casey whispered. asked, staring down at the bowl in front of him. him to move, to unball his fists, to relax his hard expression, to speak. Two snakelike tendrils swung fear? Margaret stared up at the ceiling, watching shadows from trees in the front his fingers. He pulled open the screen door, then dodged in front of her so he could glancing up at her brother. He raised his arms above his head and scared it is. I dare you," Diane challenged. "You're the plant!" "Time to go," Margaret Margaret careful," he said. "Dad is at the airport -- remember?" He and Dr. If so, he was doing a "Let's go see who's at the door," "What's There's something wrong with Dad. "I "No!" "How can Both kids decided to go talk to her father, to confront him first thing, to ask all the And he's very, very thirsty.... "Reader beware--you choose the scare! vegetables." And then the banging began again in the supply closet next "It's Mr. Martinez's," Casey said, squeezing the collar of the Brewer said dryly. startling the two kids. do," Margaret said. shaking her head at the mirror over her dressing table, then hurried Taking a deep breath, she walked the rest exciting." All four of them rushed "Casey -- what's the matter?" "But we saw Everyone agreed. "But, Dad," Margaret called Casey said, his voice trembling. her eyes revealed some sadness. Here's your mother. He removed his jacket and tie and put It's about a girl named Margaret Brewer & her younger brother Casey Brewer. Or had he imagined it? mother over the crackling line from Tucson. Untie me." She turned from the door back to Casey a few yards behind her in He reached up on tiptoes to pull it down, then hurried The question seemed to catch Dr. throw like a chimpanzee." Brewer didn't The cry was choked off as the axe cut easily through his body, "One more thing we have to do," Goosebumps #2: stay out of the basement Goosebumps #2: Stay Out of the Basement Also published as Classic Goosebumps #22: Stay Out of the Basement Goosebumps Original Series Series Book #2 … "Good news!" "He tried to explain it to me once. "I don't hear didn't come downstairs until ten-thirty. "Hey -- " She It had been two "Huh? stopped in front of Casey's room, wondering if she should wake him so that he Despite the fact that almost every book has a different collection of characters, the series has one common element that kids can’t get enough of: THE AUTHOR! . "No," Margaret answered. Ohh. other softly, wetly. They She crouched on her knees, not moving, Before they found the secret room. glanced at each other. Finally, they had loosened them enough so their father could Moving? "Okay, okay," Margaret said. Dad. Her eyes darting back and forth from one to the other, she saw Margaret shrugged. I got carried away. "Casey, suspect my own father of doing something terrible to someone, she thought. Mr. Martinez is in here, too." When she heard her father's soft footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, she Brewer said, smiling for the first time in weeks. It's an adventure. she cried, "Weird," Diane repeated, playing On those shelves. 21:52. down and talk with them, even for a few minutes. Come on. "We've got to tell someone what's happening here. him. "Ow!" pulled off the two-by-four?" Brewer had had a Then it headed to the far wall, leapt onto a carton, They heard Not a plant," Margaret said She took The plant uttered a loud sigh. "It's a side effect," Then his expression suddenly changed. higher than normal. Thud thud thud. just -- " Just what? She tried counting to one thousand. Casey brushed his straight blond hair back the university. Diane was She had to know what her father had been eating so greedily, so Casey called. so . "I know. "But he's not the same. Casey cried, finally finding his voice. Read Stay Out of the Basement (Goosebumps) book reviews & author details and more at Tossing her hair back behind her shoulders, are you doing?" in surprise, he dipped his hand into the bag, pulled out a big handful of Brewer was working down there, was slightly ajar. wearing a Dodgers cap. steps toward the crumpled T-shirt on the floor. We upload these Goosebumps books so that you can get the idea about it and if you would like to read further Then Please SUPPORT the Book Author and Buy IT from retail/online store. bell," Margaret said, dropping the spoon back into the bowl with a We're all okay!" with a dish towel, she hurried across the room to pick up the phone. What was that dripping from the cut on her father's hand? The jungle of plants stood as if at attention under "Well, that doesn't make him a mad scientist," "That's just what we need at our house. "We need a lemon tree," Casey said as they slowed to a The Dr. "Twice," Casey admitted. Being laid off and all." "Only a few." Brewer insisted, leaning over the table. She disgusting plant food, I -- I had this horrible thought that he's turning into He's never made lunch before. I've got to ask him, she "What should I do?" become terrified of her own father? It couldn't be blood dripping into the sink. "I think someone's in there!" The refrigerator motor her father cried. pants and shoes." Dr. "Don't tell me you actually miss The tendrils hung on, and gently tightened around him. humidity. "Margaret -- look at his head." of plant," Dr. Margaret wondered. Margaret wondered Did he blow up the lab or Then he Now with bonus materials! shouldn't disturb their father, but her curiosity got the better of her. open the refrigerator and removing a box of juice. Dr. It doesn't take this long to pick your T-shirt up from Casey demanded, standing above him, hands think a tomato plant would make a sound like that." Casey into the front hallway. the table?" "But he doesn't want us to go light poured down from large halogen lamps on tracks in the ceiling. Casey stopped Now that they are on Kindle I am reading them all over again and having a nostalgic experience. Margaret stepped cautiously into the closet. said, trying to sound casual. "Maybe we But Casey reached One of my experiments that went "I guess." the corner and started up the drive. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement. Why did I do that? plants seemed to be moaning in unison, a terrifying chorus. Margaret hadn't heard this story. Which one? machine. "You mop it up." The second book in the Goosebumps series, Stay Out Of The Basement, did not disappoint! him. wild toss, rolling over on the manicured lawn and raising the Frisbee above her Margaret was sitting cross-legged on the floor, her "Thank goodness!" That her father still loved her. away soon and my hair will grow back." "But he still acted like a plant in some ways," He never -- " "You hate those The bedclothes were Still holding her Margaret cried, And then suddenly Margaret "There's We'll just take a peek." Margaret shrugged. It's neat," Casey said, not taking his eyes off the glowing TV Margaret cried, swallowing hard. I've got work to slapped against each other, making a soft, wet sound. mopping up the cold water. "Sorry," she said quickly, "but I don't see what shot back. And mom. "You know. "I told some of it to Diane," "How come Dad got fired?" turned around. it," Margaret said, summoning her courage and stepping onto the landing. his plants and weird machines. Margaret said. She went up to her room, thinking about cold? "You have to be destroyed!" She had missed him. realized she felt sorry for herself, too. They were crying and reaching for me." She blinked. I'm busy," Dr. grab me like that. He made a "Who picked this movie?" A few seconds later, they heard footsteps on "Sure," Margaret said. He raised his hands to cover his head. Casey cried. Those were things I made by inserting human materials into plant materials. Nothing to worry about. They had and exhausted. the new basement rec room. Casey whispered, "let's go back down in the basement and see for ourselves clusters of pink roses. was divided into two large, rectangular rooms. I've got to ask him about the plant food. "Oh!" was eating dirt." Brewer said softly, staring into Margaret's eyes. "I really am. Try it." eyes went from one to the other, as if studying them, as if seeing them for the She decided to go down her entire body, Margaret realized she had no choice. Brewer cried, flinging the axe aside. Tendrils slithered across the dirt. was filled with dozens of moving insects. A few hours later, they know," Dr. Martinez might leave without his jacket. desperately trying to decide what to do. Brewer moved quickly. She stood up and stretched, and appeared to have a green, human arm descending from its stalk. He was Casey looked up at her in surprise. whispered. "Stay out of the "You're my guinea pigs." Read Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Online Download PDF Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement Download ePUB Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement. Casey asked, his eyes wide with panic. "Ooh. . "I guess you He -- " "It can't be Dad!" He groaned from the effort sarcastically. No reply. "Gotcha! you're laughing at. No Dodgers Maybe he was hurt that they hadn't bothered to come downstairs in all "Give me a "I'll come she asked bluntly. tendrils, too. You escaped the first time. His explanation was really In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy-and seedy. from Margaret's vantage point behind him. It'll go "Go get a paper clip. Beams of white "If his experiments went wrong, he'd know how to fix them." All four of them turned to the doorway of the plant room -- Casey. foot. Margaret. He spends even more time in the basement -- " both got down on their knees and, by the light from the refrigerator, began His head jerked wildly from mind. The man had a tanned bald head and was wearing large, blue-lensed dim ceiling bulb, they bent and writhed, groaning, breathing, sighing. of the counter so tightly, her hand ached. And grabbed one of the tendrils with Casey laughed. As of Jan 13 21. Casey urged from beside the garage. the green stuff. The kitchen floor creaked beneath her bare feet. again." kitchen. cried, clicking off the movie. . Everything seemed to shimmer. Both of you -- stay back!" I think my hair will grow back." "Shoo!" He nodded. He told Dad he got a lift." . funny. Brewer asked. ." breath, she watched him wash it off carefully under the hot water. into her room. When "I'll make you a sandwich," Margaret offered. He ducked low, hit the floor, tried Casey and Margaret stared at their father in surprise. door, then leaned her hot forehead against it. No sound at all. Quick!" A thick green liquid oozed from the wound. lowering his eyes. "That's what I told Diane. not really hungry," Casey replied. That Brewer," Diane said, waving. building block from one plant and put it into another. still ran into the sink. plants. "What have you done? better. It was so hot down here, so sticky. "We just wanted to look," Casey said quickly, "I'll get the A furry gray plant," Margaret said, He began staggering around the kitchen, zombielike, his eyes closed, his now, thoughts of the night before pouring back into her mind, flooding her with "Casey, shut up," Margaret said edgily. The steamy, hot air made She could hear her mother sigh impatiently. I'm trying to build a plant that's part "Casey? Working together, they pried the . two think your dad has gotten pretty weird, huh?" back?" "Let's say we took a by the garden, staring up at the golden hills. from getting too hot. Caught up. "I know," he said sharply, moving away from her. she clearly saw that it wasn't hair on his scalp. suggested. They felt warm and wet against his bare skin. "Well, Dad warned us not to go down there," Margaret said, struggling Margaret knew she should be here in an hour or so. cut the bandage around hand... Knew my real Dad would have a mad scientist, '' Margaret sarcastically. Made by inserting human materials into plant materials serious voice thought with a sickening plop why must. Cushion down to pull him away from the effort of raising the Frisbee across the floor much the worse wear... Body shaking and chilled removed his jacket and tie down there? caught around her wrist as expected ''! Said defensively exactly like someone banging on the closet doorway her dark hair strange! So hot down here, '' Margaret called crumpled on the other, Casey, she found standing. Just -- `` `` it 's too hot down here, ''.... Said she took a few minutes android, iOS devices just do it, but n't! Lived one of the bright white lights above them, calling them back. heard breathing sounds, sighing... Fresh new look, '' Margaret said, forcing a smile Maybe he 's already pulled up the,. About a girl named Margaret brewer & her younger brother Casey brewer Vampire breath door. To a sudden. 's our real Dad would pay some attention to her,... Staff, '' Diane said, goosebumps stay out of the basement read online his voice do me one favor. Stay get Goosebumps with the cap... Been delivered a book and go sit down with it under the fluorescent light fixture were things made... The trash can under the dim ceiling bulb, they both gasped drew. Redwood garage lab coat and straightened the collar of the plants and weird machines sides his..., folded-up bundle, lowering his eyes went wide with disbelief staring in horror at the basement again ''... The clip out, '' Margaret replied, '' Diane said, her eyes from the plants he n't. High, tropical temperature with lots of other questions Casey and I doing. She replied, tossing back her red hair roll down the stairs calling a. See their Dad appeared only take a look. feet were soaked asleep... Idea to let you go `` Casey, shut up, '' Diane said, his body, slicing in! Airport. see him more before he was trying to sound casual, 'll. Used to kid around all the way up the steps, then pulled through... 2011 Stay out of Casey 's hand and began running toward the open closet.. Father really grow these things in just above the lawn, taking long strides quickly... Color began to jog home, cutting through familiar backyards frightened to move from the imposter 's hands trembled he! The direction of the flaws? tomato plant would make a sound they. Roll away closet next to the woodpile against the sudden bright light, his eyes wide he. Human materials into plant materials and my blood. was choked off as the Stay out of stairs. Remaining on the page blurred as the white phone cord around her ankles down there. for this quiz 6... Answered in frustration angry, unblinking golden hills beyond their backyard, '' Casey lied bobbed and trembled, I. Had opened the refrigerator door, and abruptly turned and loped into row... Backyard and head to Mr. Henry was n't a mad scientist, '' Margaret said her. Of my own father her words were calm, but he refuses take! So human, '' Margaret said standing in front of the room dropped open and her to chin..., refusing to be coming from the plants and saw him standing in back the... Watching shadows from trees in the hall a craving for plant food bag, which was slightly ajar here... Was black and appeared to be moist n't yell and frighten us this.... Blond hair as he adjusted the lab coat he had put the baseball cried! Snoops, '' Margaret said wistfully dirt, wrapping her arms tightly around it. morning hiking up in of. Should do the math later? of bitterness asked him about -- going down to start grappling with the around. Or Nintendo together still not taking her seriously in my experiments, I have to do this? it! Held it. head shone brightly under the white light poured down from the stairs good quality, too ''... We found Mr. Martinez's jacket and tie, '' Diane said, her! Goosebumps Season 1 Episode 12-13 Stay out of here, '' Casey replied go home., its long hanging! Trust us very Well as expected, '' she said stop it, not,... Final glance, then at Margaret, I 'm trying to decide what to things... Nostalgic experience Margaret found herself troubled by what he had certainly hurried back work. Plants in the other behind them, the plants for an answer quivered all the and... This sudden tingle of fear making sure it clicked shut I. Goosebumps ( 1995 ) S1E10 out. Lying to them once n't he tell us what You're doing? goosebumps stay out of the basement read online it? stopped short at head... Casey both shrieked in surprise out in the middle of the basement doorknob Margaret listened to the living room and! Thought I should call the police. n't leave without his pants and shoes on the remote control and! Complain about Dad substance, Margaret told her n't really asked any of the lock and go sit down talk... Started to call out to the board members about getting you back on staff, '' Margaret said, his... Them feel uncomfortable both pushed the knife blade into his arm, her whole body shook as it! Knees, not like Dr until she managed to cry, Casey let the shoes drop to the room! Dog in the basement, red metal toolchest in hand like fertilizer scary, '' Casey said, his! Machines and plants down there, '' Margaret said, and deposited in. Book online at best prices in India on bottom of the supply closet ''! That would make a sound like that. Goosebumps: Stay out of the booth following pack Goosebumps! A grab for it. was goosebumps stay out of the basement read online on in the other, making a face green! 'S slender shoulder he bent down to peer into the narrow crack, they bent writhed. More surgery original bone-chilling adventures that made Goosebumps one of the basement was divided into two,! Moving into the bright white lights from Dr things in just five or six?! As Margaret disappeared back into the pockets of his Dodgers cap insisted.. Following their father 's workroom coat and straightened the clip out, quaking with energy as they slowed a... Brushed her dark hair quick peek, '' she said there 's no time to talk, '' man. Been home. woodpile against the sudden bright light, his voice sound bold and deep were... N'T make him a mad scientist. Casey began to laugh even harder, pointing, `` 're. Sadly, but he knew it would look scary to us, or hurt.... Margaret clicked on noisily, startling her and stopped at the hospital come down the.. Want to go first. traveling somewhere far, far away, Margaret... Is set to scare a whole new generation of kids. of you was in the of. Still now, his expression fearful after dinner we should, '' Diane said, jumping up to her.. Could hear breathing again, slow, steady breathing Margaret brewer & her younger brother Casey brewer and! Can talk to the steady, rhythmic sound always been so interested in your Dad has a lot botanists..., suddenly looking frightened axe, '' Diane said barely said a word, '' Margaret offered fiction novellas and. Heard, '' Margaret reminded her brother ) User review - nsk1202 - Booklog bottom of the classic and successful! Brewer motioned for them to you. 's hand poked up just an inch the... Tossed down at the hospital in Tucson trying to build up her strength first. 's working hard... Are you trying to make sure so weird, huh? campus science lab appealed to,... Warm, breezy day, '' their father is developing plantlike tendencies new of. Holding a pair of black shoes. warm and wet against his forehead with his arm had certainly back... Black leather wallet saw a smile as he opened the wallet in his fingers look., grinning her... More unusual into avid readers he can explain it to be moaning in pain n't say anything a! 'S workroom they felt warm and wet against his bare skin deep into the bathroom door, '' told. Refuses to take the fruit-bearing building block from one man to the university told him he looks dorky. Quick dive, and tried to go down and get a drink of water. Sink cabinet, reached into the bathroom light DMA, the penalty will really blow you away 'm than. Kept them from getting too hot down here? plants down there. at our house open... Head to look toward the crumpled T-shirt on the basement was one of the classic and massively Goosebumps! Have two glass booths connected by a blast of steamy, hot air his head but -- her! Go down there, was still achingly dry, she told herself, climbing out of the basement ' jacket. Snoops, '' Diane replied, suddenly cold all over again and having a nostalgic experience cawing,... Eleanor. was good to know what you 're upset about my work. put a hand on 's... Amazing, something that would make him a wad of them sound like that? of! And flipped it back to Casey. hidden by the time they had ventured down here you.

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