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No Glass (Ceiling) Stops Class. ShEO.

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No Glass Stops Class

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Bigotry, Racism, Prejudice. Am I away or still in their sway?

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While most of us may wish to believe that we are free from any bigotry/ prejudice / bias, these thoughts may be fare more deep rooted. Hence adopting an ‘holier than thou’ stance may not be beneficial in the true sense.

A better way forward could be to accept there could be gaps and work towards ironing them out. There could still be some irreconcilable situations. For example: One may have a person from another faith as a best friend or a business partner. But marrying him or her may not be practical or possible for one reason or the other.  Such situations are still possible and acceptable.

But treating  one person differently from another just on the basis of his or her denomination (gender/ race/ religion etc) is a different ball game altogether. It would be really nice if everyone can touch his/ her heart and vouch ‘All Clear’.





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The world is your mirror…Reflect! Inspirational Message in an Elegant Glass frame with ‘Gold’ border

dive,in,divine,divinity,within,soul,brahman, aham,brahmasmi,asmi,brahma,,
dive,in,divine,divinity,within,soul,brahman, aham,brahmasmi,asmi,brahma,,
The world is your mirror…Reflect! Inspirational Message in an Elegant Glass frame with ‘Gold’ border
  • Elegant Glass Frame 6 in x 8 in (15 cms x 20 cms) – Gold Border
  • Message/ Creative printed with Golden background on High Quality 300 GSM Metallic Paper.
  • Sleek & Strong Metal Stand (occupies minimal space)
  • Safe and Secure packing (photo/s attached). 
  • Observation: Light falling on VioorA DeskOde gives a magical sheen to the message.
  • At VioorA, we work to ensure that product information is correct and the products that we design and sell with love give you the same/ more pleasure while using. We will be happy to assist you with any information that you may need to help make an informed purchase.









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Hello world!


Hello World,  Welcome! Thanks for dropping by.

In this fast paced world with mega changes/nuances every nano moment,  all ‘properties’ whether physical/ virtual or ephemeral including assets/ messages/ communication styles (established or otherwise) may need to keep upgrading to stay relevant.

Ideas and Designs need to be contemporary to meet Today’s need. Only Our Values Need To Stay Rock Solid.

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