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On Courlos To Tennis Greatness? Wishing Carlos Alcaraz the very best


Dr Boondhi’s Bol on the youngest world No 1 in Tennis history.

In the last few decades, it has been a difficult time for tennis playing men (young or experienced) in their efforts to win Grand Slams. The top three with more than 60 Gland Slam wins between them have frustrated challengers.

A formidable role model

It is always heartening therefore to see the emergence of new players who by challenging history, may themselves change it in due course. Carlos Alcaraz may or may not live up to the greatness of his foremost role model Rafael Nadal. Time will tell.

A retiring Prima Donna, a new Prince

Meanwhile Dr Boondhi is thankful for a new flower blooming in Tennis, even as a Prima Donna bade farewell a few days ago. A tearful adieu to the fans she Serenaded for more than a decade.

The next lot of the Titans?

Best Wishes to the new Prince Carlos of tennis from Spain. Whether he becomes King and reigns for long, will be interesting to watch. He may be the next sensation after the current big Three hang their racquets.


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