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  • Work As Art


    Work is Worship We are used to the idiom ‘Work is Worship’. But unless one is a very fervidly religious kind of person, even the imagery of worship may not really enthuse. Yes, Worship is a good example to instil a sense of duty/ discipline. It also held true for centuries and maybe continued till […]

  • VioorA adds music to your notes and communication.


    Notes add Music to our Lives. VioorA adds music to your notes and communication. Under the broader spectrum of Corporate Communications, we work on Ambience Art, Brand Balladry Corporate Gifting Dialogues by Design. VioorA Ambience, VioorA AssemPlify, VioorA HeadLight, VioorA SalesStory, VioorA wowNow are some of the products/services that we offer. Leverage ……

  • No Glass (Ceiling) Stops Class. ShEO.

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    No Glass Stops Class

  • Bigotry, Racism, Prejudice. Am I away or still in their sway?

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    While most of us may wish to believe that we are free from any bigotry/ prejudice / bias, these thoughts may be fare more deep rooted. Hence adopting an ‘holier than thou’ stance may not be beneficial in the true sense. A better way forward could be to accept there could be gaps and work […]