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The Evolving Human, The Evolving Organization – Beyond Emotional Intelligence


The Evolving Human, The Evolving Organisation – Beyond Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) giving way to Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence Quotient is universally recognised as a definitive indicator of a person’s intellectual abilities. But it is also accepted that the IQ tests administered need to be neutral enough with respect to context/ culture/ language. Else they may not really help adjudge. For the better part of the last century, IQ test frameworks have been evolving to be more comprehensive and accommodative.

Over the last few decades, we have had some softer/ lesser quantitative frameworks to better understand indicators for longer term success. Emotional Intelligence  (E.I.) and the slightly lesser known Five Factor Model framework try to  understand how a person with an average/ slightly above-average IQ could still be (significantly so) more successful in personal and professional lives than a person whose only claim to fame could be a great IQ. It is now almost common knowledge at least in Academia/ HR Circles that ability to work with people, willingness to accept mistakes/ learn afresh (to name a few) are better indicators of success than merely an high IQ.

Limitation/s of  Emotional Intelligence

EI as an indicator and as a concomitant of success is not surprising. It is a good framework to instil many desirable qualities. But it is common these days to see white collar crimes without any ‘underlying basic need‘ for it. For eg. burglary is fairly common with the motive to buy food/ medicines.

Whether abroad or closer home in India,  white collar criminals commit their offences to pursue objectives which are far less acceptable (in comparison to the small time thief). Surely the Mehul Chokshi/ Nirav Modi s and the Vijay Mallyas were not struggling to make ends meet. Obviously the level of manoeuvering required, to do what they did, does not come easy. IQ alone cannot make it possible. With IQ alone, we may be able to blackmail/ threaten vulnerable/ helpless bank officials. But getting these plans so elaborately made with officials’ connivance needs some amount of EQ ‘flair’.

Enter Ethical Emoting

The inference that stares us in the face in light of the above is that Acting in a Responsible/ Spiritual manner is an absolute must. If workers at the lowest echelons of power and prosperity are expected to be clean, how much more, the onus on those far above them. Unless leaders and managers are able to dovetail this critical parameter into their actions, their flair for EQ or their IQ ability comes to naught…..or to put it slightly differently, behaviours built solely on IQ or EI cannot guarantee Sustainable Success. As Abraham Lincoln said “…..we cannot fool all the people all the time…”  There can be no compromise on Emoting ( in the sense of working/ behaving/ acting) Ethically/ Spiritually.

IQ to EI (EQ) to EE (SQ)


Spiritual Quotient ensures All-round and Lasting Success

In an ideal world, all of us would lead our lives, both personal and professional in an ideal manner. So ideal that it would not be much of a world (as we know it and delight in) in the first place. There would no ego/ sorrow/ deceit/ violence/ mindless competition surely. Ironically,  we may also be deprived of the context where satire/ humour/ laughter/ pursuit of excellence/ etc also thrive.

Thus the Journey towards the Ideal is more interesting surely than the destination. Poetically Robert Browning put it in his inimitable style….” ….Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp …Or what’s a Heaven for.”  🙂


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Communication – A Vital Basic Need

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Need – A primary/ primordial requirement

In primary school, decades ago, we learnt that Air, Water and Food are vital for life. Shelter/ Clothing and Reproduction/ Procreation are also accepted as important needs. Need and Want may seem similar, but there is a difference. Need is more primary, Want, largely secondary. Nature creates Needs. Our thinking/ actions/ habits create wants, which Marketers leverage/ use/ exploit as the case may be. More on this aspect later.

Communication As A Basic Need

We believe that Communication should rank along with procreation and shelter. If one may say so, even ahead of procreation perhaps. Efforts towards Reproduction are more productive even in the non-human animate domains only with relevant Communication. Given the opportunity, both the sexes prefer to choose the more ideal among multiple available partners. It is only because one partner is able to communicate that it is fertile/ receptive or the other, that it is virile/ valiant etc that a bond is established, even in the non-human ecosystem.

Anything and Everything is Communication

Knowingly or otherwise, we communicate about ourselves and our ecosystem (including the environment) either by our action or inaction. Very often these are ‘messages’ we convey non-verbally. Cold, heat, joy, fright, pride, arrogance, submissiveness, kindness/ nobility to name a few, are easily communicated (or rather, not easily hidden). These emotions or states of mind are easily perceived by those around us.

The Emotional vs The Rational – still a puzzle for many

As mentioned above, Communication is a primordial activity and hence stakeholders of Businesses (beyond Investors/ Owners/ Managers) may easily draw inferences from messages targeted at them. These inferences may not be what the Communicator wishes to communicate in the first place. This happens because the audience receives the messages, through the filter of their very own fundamentally ingrained notions/ thought processes. Thus, what is explicit for the Communicator/ Brand Owner/ Marketer may not be for the receiver of the message. The receiver in most cases is NOT perceiving content with an 100% accent on the rational. However rational we may wish our target audience to be, unless the emotional is addressed (at least to an acceptable degree), the message may not really deliver the returns it could otherwise have.

Of Pink Industrial Robots and Grey Fluffy Toys

Imagine an Industrial Robot meant for heavy duty engineering work painted in pink or a fluffy toy for a baby in a greyish colour. Our money may not be on these, though these products may still attract a very niche market. Is there any rational reason for the pink industrial robot or the grey fluffy toy not to command market leadership? After all, whether pink or grey these respective products will likely be doing what they are supposed to be doing, if one views only through the lens of Reason, ignoring Emotion.

Need for a Holistic Understanding of Communications

Even as we write this, a few messages from Marketing/ HR / PR domains come to mind for their ‘eye-brow raising inanity’. The most lavishly shot visual or the most ‘creatively’ designed write-up may still not be able to deliver the impact expected if they miss some basics and they often do, unfortunately. There are multiple perspectives to be cognizant of.

So Little Time and So Much to get Correct – the First Time

Our Target Audience (at least in evolving economies) is growing thanks to population growth. However, the average attention span is shrinking. Communicators don’t have much time to get the first impression. Hence the added pressure to get the matter on view absolutely right.

Words, their positioning in the copy, the fonts/ colours/ schemes used, the inter-play of the words with each other need to be thought through (for starters at least). The overall message and whether it is in consonance with the Brand Imagery or Company DNA (unless there is a concerted strategy to change Direction) also needs more attention than is often given.

Corporate Communications – Boon or Necessary Evil

Corporate Communications is not a function to be pampered when the coffers are full,….. to be squeezed in a down-turn. Corporate Communications like HR and Finance has to be all pervasive and given time.  On its part, Corporate Communications cannot exist in a silo without understanding the DNA of the Organization or its Brands. To those actively involved in Communications, anything that either talks to or expects something from the S.P.I.C.E.(TM) naturally becomes a part of Corporate Communications. Hence the scope of Corporate Communications is as wide as the purveyors can make it.

The Medium (Conveyor) and The Message (Content)

The mediums we choose to communicate with/ on also play a role and with increasing Social Media flavours, communicators have a lot of options. Sadly enough, the importance/ thought given to mediums sometimes draws attention away from the core message/ content which needs to be communicated.

Positive Changes Witnessed

Corporate Communications is in a similar situation as the Human Resource function had been a few decades ago. Then, everyone who mattered knew the importance, but only a few enlightened firms realized and imbibed the HR essence, in Spirit and Deed. But these days one is not surprised to hear that besides the CEO and CFO, the CHRO has also become part of the board.

Similarly it is heartening that CXOs and Founders increasingly leverage Communication specialists. Whether it is in Learning & Development/ Human Resources in general/ Marketing Communications/ Sales Story Creation/  Dissemination of Leaders’ Thoughts (newsletters), there are many avenues for ‘evolved/ evolving’ companies to leverage holistically designed Corporate Communications. The more of these companies, the merrier. 🙂

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VioorA wowNow – The Present: the Best time to Gift


Gifting in Corporate India

The festive season is well underway in India with the blockbuster Diwali just a few weeks away. The time for significant gifting among Corporates has also started, which will spill over into the new Calendar year.
Of course in Corporates, gifting (in the broader sense) is not restricted to festivals. There are multiple scenarios in which gifts/ mementos/ give-aways are leveraged by Organizations/ Brand-owners. Sales meets/ Product launches/ Employee meets/ Performance awards/ Review meets/ Customer meetings to name a few.

Enter VioorA Catalysts 

VioorA Catalysts Consulting & Design which has working with Enterprises and Institutions for their Communications needs has started offering some gifting solutions. As with many others, Customers’ appreciation/ ideas led us to offer Gifting Solutions.
VioorA‘s Gifting solution (VioorA wowNow) leverages insightful messages.  When given to recipients who are erudite/ appreciate poetry/ have a spiritual outlook , your Gift is bound to stand out and be cherished.

VioorA wowNow 

VioorA wowNow can be presented in various ways. Desktop pieces or Wall Hangings are the most popular. Messaging is spread across genre relating to Human Emotions/ Achievement/ Relationships. We also customize messages basis Recipient Personality/ Customer need/ Brand Imagery.
Our belief at VioorA is that we are limited only by our Imagination. We suggest you not be limited by choices when it is time for you to gift. As the wise say, ‘Your Gifts Show The Person You Are’. Leverage VioorA, Leverage wowNow,

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