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the Cup that Cheers No More


A Tribute to an Icon

Self-made success stories are increasingly dotting the Indian start-up scene. But two or three decades ago there were fewer role models who could inspire. That India’s entrepreneurship could be World Class in its concept and execution… That it was not just about IT…. was showcased by fewer role models. But not many could be more down-to-earth, self-effacing and humble as Mr VG Siddhartha.

Mr Siddhartha created a business but also enabled creation of businesses (and families 🙂 ). He provided a beautiful habitat….the urban habitat akin to the large Banyan Tree dotting a typical Indian village which provided ambience/ shelter/ play-space/ meeting-ground.

Having a cup of coffee was/ is just a metaphor…..Cafe Coffee Day or CCD for short was/ is a safe ‘Hang-out’ for kids of all ages, an ‘escape’ for couples struck by Cupid’s arrows, a low-cost meeting space for boot-strapping ventures, a place for collaborations, a very neutral ‘venue’ for parents of prospective brides and grooms, or just a place a family could visit to spend some time or even friends to catch-up on each others’ lives…….

Om Shanthi, Mr Siddhartha…..the ones far removed from your Home and Corporate Office cannot comment on the circumstances that led to your early exit. But for many like us, CCD was and continues to be Home and Corporate Office….May your Soul find peace. Om Shanthi….

Om Shanthi……