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SNC-ial to be Justin word & deed. Be Tru Deau the right thing.


It is not easy being Justin Trudeau, especially these days with allegations of impropriety knocking at the Canadian Prime Minister’s doors.

Charges of Trudeau or his office trying to dilute the investigations against SNC- Lavalin of wrong doing (bribing officials in foreign states) are growing. Just the other day, he seemed like a whiff of fresh air in the stuffy world of Politics. Even in this current issue, he may possibly be trying to find a middle way to protect employees (about 9000 jobs at stake, one recollects reading).

But then, these decisions are not easy and the Leader has to sometimes just take a call however bitter. It seems like a joust between Jobs and Justice in Justin’s head now. One hopes for a speedy and largely well received end to the story at the earliest.

In ending , Justin Trudeau or Leaders for that matter would be well advised to be transparent and Communicate clearly. Communicate that which He/ She believes to be for the greater good of the eco-system/ enterprise and the Spirit of the Law. Also ensure that team members/ other stakeholders are also fully equipped/ supported in their efforts for the greater good, without fear or favour.