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Jun16, 2018 – ICICI – Mrs’ Demeanour fine or Fine for misdemeanour? Justice Srikrishna to throw light


VioorA provides Brands with a nice VEHICLE.
options available for various flavours, erudition levels, pro/anti establishment/ neutral…….

Politics/ Economy/ Business/ Sports/ Health/ Environment/ Science

Choose the one, your brand wishes to communicate with…..
newsCues helps your Brand increase/ build/ project its mojo. Get Your Brand here

VIOORA newsCues – Your Brand has mojo. News It!


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The Power Of Lines, Lingo, Light (Colour) and a little Looniness


Leverage the Power of Lines, Lingo, Light (Colour) and a little Looniness


The Power to make people

Aspire, Blissful, Conscious, Desire, Energized, Freak out, Giggle, Humane, Inquisitive, Just, Kiss, Laugh, Mindful, Naughty, Optimistic, Practical, Question, Reach out, See (red/ blue/ green/ yellow/ ….), Teach, Uncomfortable, Vigilant, Wonder, Xerograph (photocopy 🙂 ), Yield, Zealous

Leverage the Power of Meaningful and Mindful Communications, Creatively Done.

Leverage VioorA. Leverage the Power of Lines, Lingo, Light (Colour) and a little Looniness



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The world is your mirror…Reflect! Inspirational Message in an Elegant Glass frame with ‘Gold’ border

dive,in,divine,divinity,within,soul,brahman, aham,brahmasmi,asmi,brahma,,
dive,in,divine,divinity,within,soul,brahman, aham,brahmasmi,asmi,brahma,,
The world is your mirror…Reflect! Inspirational Message in an Elegant Glass frame with ‘Gold’ border
  • Elegant Glass Frame 6 in x 8 in (15 cms x 20 cms) – Gold Border
  • Message/ Creative printed with Golden background on High Quality 300 GSM Metallic Paper.
  • Sleek & Strong Metal Stand (occupies minimal space)
  • Safe and Secure packing (photo/s attached). 
  • Observation: Light falling on VioorA DeskOde gives a magical sheen to the message.
  • At VioorA, we work to ensure that product information is correct and the products that we design and sell with love give you the same/ more pleasure while using. We will be happy to assist you with any information that you may need to help make an informed purchase.









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Hello world!


Hello World,  Welcome! Thanks for dropping by.

In this fast paced world with mega changes/nuances every nano moment,  all ‘properties’ whether physical/ virtual or ephemeral including assets/ messages/ communication styles (established or otherwise) may need to keep upgrading to stay relevant.

Ideas and Designs need to be contemporary to meet Today’s need. Only Our Values Need To Stay Rock Solid.

Look forward to engaging with you.  Drop us a line at