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  • Secure Data or SeeUR Data – Privacy under Cloud?


    We assume our data (including surfing patterns) is our own and it is safe. We may have some knowledge that our data is being used by Technology Service Providers (for genuine software related purposes as claimed by them). A few of us may even be aware of other entities whose business models is to ‘scrap’ and garner more detailed information about users online. Those agitated by this may even get more bellicose when these entities call themselves ‘Data Enrichment Companies'(DECs).

  • Time Turns Tables – Kar Nautanki – 15th May 2018 Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018


    VioorA provides Brands with a nice VEHICLE various flavours, erudition levels, pro/anti establishment/ neutral……. Choose the one, your brand wishes to communicate with….. newsCues helps your Brand increase/ build/ project its mojo. Get Your Brand here VIOORA newsCues – Your Brand has mojo. News It!

  • Kar nautanki – VioorA newsCues’ take on the Karnataka Elections -12th May 2018


    VioorA newsCues‘  Take on the Karnataka State Assembly Elections today.  News is the single biggest commodity of modern civil society. It influences our thoughts/ behaviour to a large extent. For the overwhelming majority, News is a way of Life. Studying it / sharing/ discussing/ laughing / smiling with News items is a big Positive aspect, […]