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VioorA wowNow – The Present: the Best time to Gift


Gifting in Corporate India

The festive season is well underway in India with the blockbuster Diwali just a few weeks away. The time for significant gifting among Corporates has also started, which will spill over into the new Calendar year.
Of course in Corporates, gifting (in the broader sense) is not restricted to festivals. There are multiple scenarios in which gifts/ mementos/ give-aways are leveraged by Organizations/ Brand-owners. Sales meets/ Product launches/ Employee meets/ Performance awards/ Review meets/ Customer meetings to name a few.

Enter VioorA Catalysts 

VioorA Catalysts Consulting & Design which has working with Enterprises and Institutions for their Communications needs has started offering some gifting solutions. As with many others, Customers’ appreciation/ ideas led us to offer Gifting Solutions.
VioorA‘s Gifting solution (VioorA wowNow) leverages insightful messages.  When given to recipients who are erudite/ appreciate poetry/ have a spiritual outlook , your Gift is bound to stand out and be cherished.

VioorA wowNow 

VioorA wowNow can be presented in various ways. Desktop pieces or Wall Hangings are the most popular. Messaging is spread across genre relating to Human Emotions/ Achievement/ Relationships. We also customize messages basis Recipient Personality/ Customer need/ Brand Imagery.
Our belief at VioorA is that we are limited only by our Imagination. We suggest you not be limited by choices when it is time for you to gift. As the wise say, ‘Your Gifts Show The Person You Are’. Leverage VioorA, Leverage wowNow,

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